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Jan. 28, 2011
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State Auction Information > Colorado Land Auctions > Pueblo County Register Now!

Pueblo County, Colorado

Land Auctions Available in Pueblo County, Colorado
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Pueblo County Area,† Colorado.† Scenic Southeast Colorado - the lot is 10 acres that is easily accessible from a major road.† Elevation of the lot is approximately 4,800 feet.† The City of Pueblo, Colorado, is approximately 30 miles away.† We have been told that there is power and water just across the street.† With 40 acres of land, you have plenty of space to build whatever you wish.† The terrain is very suitable for your every wish.† This lot is easy to find and we are told that the dirt road is well taken care of and driving it is no problem.† There is to be a 30' easement on the perimeter, North, South, East and West, of this parcel for roadway and utility easement purposes.

This huge lot of 10 acres is extremely accessible from a major road.† Directions from the City of Pueblo are: Take State Road 50 East toward the City of Fowler.† From Highway 50 East take Highway 96 toward Boone (which is approximately 7 mile) and following 96 East for another approximately 13 miles until you hit the county road line.† Take this road approximately 10 miles north, power lines run along this road.† The dirt road is well taken care of and driving it is no problem.

Elevation of the lot is approximately 4,800 feet and there are no liens or encumbrances on the property.

The terrain is mostly flat, covered with sagebrush.† With 10 acres of land, you have plenty of space for whatever you wish to build.† The terrain is very suitable for building.† There is a farm right across the lot with power, water and telephone. Zoning is mixed and there are no time restrictions as to building.

Colorado Springs is about 90 miles from the lot.† Denver is about 160 miles from the lot.† The drive is very simple to the lot from both directions.† The lot is perfectly located away from the busy city but close enough to visit either city at any time.

The City of Pueblo is just 30 minutes away.† It has all the available resources that anyone would really need.† There is a Wal Mart, Home Depot and Samís Club, just to name a few.† There are plenty of activities for entertainment.

Lake Pueblo Reserve and Pueblo Recreation area: known widely by sun lovers and water sports enthusiasts for its 4,646 surface acre reservoir, the park also offers 400 campsites spread throughout its 9,600 acre park.† Whether you want to boat, water ski, sail, swim, fish, camp, hike or just relax, Lake Pueblo has something to offer for everyone.† The park offers two full service marinas, two boat ramps for easy boating access, prime fishing waters, plenty of camping with or without electric hookups, a swim beach with a 5 story water slide.

Pikeís Peak forms a stunning backdrop for Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods.† At an altitude of 14,110 feet above sea level, Pikes Peak is the 31st peak out of 54 Colorado Peaks.† The 19 mile Pikes Peak Highway, paved part of the way, is open year round.† In addition, Pikes Peak holds a marathon, the Auto Hill Club and the New Yearís fireworks.† This website shows fun for everyone.


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